Velvet Badger wordmark
Velvet Badger wordmark
Velvet Badger
Aldgate Tower, Floor 5,
2 Leman Street, London, E1 8FA

Designing for the future. We shape human interactions with content and technology while crafting experiences that are meaningful, emotional and transformative.

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Who is VB?

We are an independent, strategic & creative agency that specialises in the evolution of brands through prescient applications of technology, storytelling and community.

Forward thinking, passionate and dedicated. We offer our clients innovative solutions to maximise their potential for an ever evolving world.


We only work with clients who care for our craft and want to bring the future forward.

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of thought

We evolve and succeed through our diversity of thought, perspectives, backgrounds and experience. We strive to foster a creative, innovative, and above all supportive work environment that encourages collaboration and open communication. Mutual respect and trust are essential to success, so while our methods and outputs will always evolve, our core values will always remain steadfast.



Our Philosophy is 'Evolving Perfection'. We deliver better by striving for excellence in everything we do. Perfection is not a constant, as the world evolves so do the ideas of 'better' and 'best'. We must be willing to adapt, learn and improve; we must always push ourselves to be better, beyond best.

We always seek to create work that is genuinely exceptional and unique, achieving new ways to solve our clients’ challenges and surpass their expectations.


Meet the

The founding ethos of partnership between Creative and Production has attracted unparalleled talent across brand strategy, creative direction, content, animation, art and design, alongside emerging tech and Metaverse specialists.

Elevated by a singularly versatile team of producers who's abiding mission is to…

Deliver beyond the brief.


Ying & Yang
Chris Joyce
Chris Joyce (Velvet)
Exec creative director
Kerry Adams
Kerry Adams (Badger)
Managing Director

The restless spirit of Velvet Badger is inspired and led by its founders, Chris Joyce and Kerry Adams. Creative and Producer, Velvet and Badger respectively, their union of fierce creativity and fastidious delivery is the driving force behind the name, the brand and the work. Intelligent, inventive and always one step ahead, Velvet Badger is a truly unique super-species.