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NFT Innovation in the Dancing Seahorse Club

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Boundless Ingenuity

Web3 empowers and inspires the innovators of tomorrow, where the creative possibilities are endless and the power of digital ownership is truly in your hands. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of Web3, supporting innovators, creators, collectors and investors alike to harness their unique capabilities for digital ownership.


  • Education & Training
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Web3 Consultation
  • Branding and Creative
  • Blockchain Development
  • Web3 Product Design
  • NFT and Smart Contract Creation
  • Community Support
Sunil Gavaskar NFT Web3 Collection
Sunil Gavaskar's Always First NFT Collection

Web3 Onboarding

Our Web3 experts are here to guide you every step of the way whether you're looking to implement blockchain tech, DeFi transactions, create your own NFT masterpiece, build a collection of valuable digital assets, start a membership community or explore the cutting-edge applications of Web3 technology.

Our consultation, strategy and design services provide support throughout the process, backed by proven knowledge and experience.

Web3.0 Strategy & Leadership

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Web3 technology has the potential to integrate into nearly every market because it is designed to create a more secure, transparent and ownable internet.

We have been firm believers in its potential to transform the web as we know it since 2018, so our knowledge and leadership for future development is invaluable to your business.

We have demonstrable experience in Web3 innovation, associated technologies and emerging trends, providing consultation, strategy and tech deployment to harness the best of all digital realms.

Polo G performing onstage in the dancing seahorse club
Polo G performing in the Web3 dancing seahorse club

We bring brands together with audiences through cultural marketing techniques, while simultaneously pioneering personalised community value through NFT design, tokenomics and storytelling.

IP Creation

The possibilities to generate new intellectual property that harnesses the power of Web3 are vast and varied. The development of this technology is leading the creation of new business models, revenue streams and even industries that will be leading the way for years to come.

Defining both technical and creative solutions in parallel allows us to provide a range of services and support, ensuring you enter the space and plan for the future with the utmost confidence and knowledge.

Creative Applications

Applying digital intelligence in conjunction with our innovative in-house creativity has enabled us to apply creative applications across a wide variety of Web3 activations.

If you're looking to create unique branding for targeting community centric audiences, or the generation of tens of thousands of individual assets for digital memberships, our creative team understands the many components for a successful project to ensure any creative supports the overarching business goals.

Women wering a AR / VR Headset
Blockchain Development

If you're looking to develop or understand the possibilities of decentralised applications (dApps), complex smart contracts or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent unique digital assets such as artwork, music, or collectibles, our team can support and consult on the latest approaches and capabilities of the associated blockchain technology.

With a huge variety of possible applications and use cases for the technology, we have deployed and advised on unique solutions that enable brands and audiences to connect in ways that were previously inaccessible. Our services enable consumers to take digital ownership to a new level by providing the ability for audiences to take control, championing brands and ideas that are building the future by embracing possibilities.

Blockchain AI interpretation 3D graphic
Community Ownership

Community is the single most valuable marketing asset in the decentralised world.

These communities are self-perpetuating and self-policing, with no sympathy for disinformation or shilling. They are discerning and have a collective sense of honour that must be respected and protected, especially for brands to be accepted. These communities have witnessed the rise of a digital world flooded with marketing and amplified malignancy; collectively they are calling time

on the clickbait commercialism and factionalism that have come to define Web 2.0.

Honesty, trust, personality and inclusion are becoming the watchwords of the burgeoning Web 3.0 era. To connect with these communities a distinct and trustworthy voice is imperative. Velvet Badger have pioneered strategies and approaches to personalised communities using the value of NFT design and tokenomics.

CGI christmas tree of Christian Louboutin products

As Web3 technologies continue to mature and develop, the shift away from centralised platforms towards decentralised networks and applications will change how brands and audiences interact forever.

Web3 will enable new forms of digital ownership and will influence all industries. If you are keen to embrace new possibilities and become an innovator, we are able to provide the support and development needed to enable new experiences and unique creative solutions.

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