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Skill Cube NY




Immersive Experience, CGI Animation, 3D Stadium Creation, Live Action Shoot

Personalised 1-2-1 digital training sessions, delivered by world famous sporting idols. This unique experience was a collaboration between Velvet Badger and Green Room Design for the launch of PUMA's 5th Avenue flagship store in New York.

The Puma Skill Cube in NYC
Puma Skill Cube

The Brief

Velvet Badger were commissioned to produce the digital creative content, in partnership with Green Room Design, for 'Skill Cube', an immersive training experience for PUMA.

Inviting customers to try the brand's footwear in store while simultaneously being transported around the world from London to the San Siro Stadium in Italy. The experience had to deliver an authentic training experience and total visual immersion in order to heighten the senses of the customer.

Puma Skill Cube CGI stadium during a trial
Puma skill cube entrance within the New York retail store

In order to realise this experience, the Badgers crafted a huge suite of visually striking, technically challenging and imaginative CGI assets, covering the full end-to-end customer experience.

This culminated in near-360 degree immersion within a remodelled real-life stadium, replete with five million individual blades of grass and 80,000 independently moving football fans, all created to inspire the pride and confidence required for the user to complete the trial.

San Siro Stadium rendered in CGI with full crowd environment
Corner flag showcasing the San Siro stadium in CGI
Puma Skill Cube CGI locker room
Antione Greizmann shirt hanging up in locker room

With locker room introductions and guidance from Griezmann and Lukaku, this hyper-real football experience placed the user genuinely in the player's shoes, allowing them to physically and emotionally feel the benefits of the footwear.

Lewis Hamilton demonstrating the Puma Skill Cube trail

A second, fitness-focused trial was also developed, hosted by Lewis Hamilton. The racing great was captured through a green-screen film shoot and placed into a real-life, repurposed experience of an elite warehouse gym.

Person within the Sjill Cube immersive experience being trained by Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton demonstrating a ladder trail for fitness training

This fully encompassing Puma project consisted of over 50,000 layers taking up more than 20TB of space for just over 1000 individual deliverables.