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Colorsport One




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Colorsport is the history of sport. An unparalleled archive of some of the greatest sporting moments of all time, collected over the course of Colorsport’s 150 year history. We worked alongside the company to modernise their brand and value offering, turning a historical sporting great into the sporting imagery company of the future.

Branding for Colorsport One
Colorsport One

The Brief

Colorsport wanted to develop an offering that could provide community access and ownership of great sporting moments, while futureproofing both their brand and their technical offering.

Branding for Colorsport logo

We developed a new brand strategy, identity and language of expression, in conjunction with creating a unique approach to Web3 sporting community development, with NFT ownership and utility at its heart.

Colorsport one logo in various colours

Strategy & Brand

The Colorsport company and brand had always been predominantly industry-facing only, communicating with and selling to newspapers and sporting journals. Through research, collaboration with stakeholders, and brand building exercises, we devised a new brand framework for Colorsport with a resulting story that would resonate with wider sporting fans.

New Colorsport branding
Colorsport website mockup with new branding

The strategy provided the guiding principles for a comprehensive visual brand redesign. Through colour, shape, movement and typography we created a language of design dedicated to the brand that incorporated some of their most iconic captured moments, while allowing Colorsport’s new visual identity to be fresh and unique. A new brand with a long tail for a new era.


We developed a unique system of ownership for Colorsport, navigating the particulars of image rights and representation to ensure that the offering was steadfast and legally viable. This project provided us with the opportunity to develop once-in-a-lifetime utilities and benefits to NFT owners, through partnerships between Colorsport and the personalities in the images.

Colorsport mobile website design with new branding

Memorabilia and experiences befitting the most passionate of sporting fans were applied to tiered levels of Colorsport community access, all driven by the NFT emblems and images.

Velvet Badger initiated dedicated Discord community channels for Colorsport, recognising that while the images characterised the value of the brand and the moments themselves, providing a space in the decentralised Web3 community to allow fans to share their own stories and memories would anchor the value of the offering and complete the partnership between the moment, the fans and the brand.