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Miss Loubitree
Beauty Campaign


Christian Louboutin


Full Creative Campaign, CGI Animation, 3D Project Modelling, Print & Digital Campaign

Following a beautiful collaboration with Barcelona-based agency Puig in 2020, we were overjoyed to be in partnership once again on another irresistible Christmas campaign for Christian Louboutin in 2021.

Christian Louboutin, Loubitree Beauty Campaign 2021
'Miss Loubitree' 2021 Christmas Campaign

The Brief

This time around we were commissioned to showcase not only all the new and exciting Christian Louboutin products, but also introduce a new character and member of the Louboutin world, Miss Loubitree.

Miss Loubitree is no ordinary tree. She comes to life and leaps out of her painting to embark on a journey through the innermost halls of the Louboutin Christmas production factory, guiding us on a privileged tour of the intimate workings of Louboutin's imagination.

CGI of Galerie Vero Dodat in Paris CGI from inside the Galerie Vero Dodat in Paris Animated snake inside the the louboutin store Hero of snake inside the the louboutin store in front of CGI products
Miss Loubitree character design in particle effects CGI of Christian Louboutin Handbag on charm Miss Loubitree character design CGI of jewelry box
Christian Louboutin extravagant CGI production line
Christian Louboutin Miss Loubitree dancing with make-up

The superlative elegance and beauty of the products was showcased in a world of red, white, gold and silver; creating the factory to feel like a Christmas gift in its own right.

Miss Loubitree character jumping through CHI Paris

The products glisten and stand as tall as giants within the grandly impressive architecture. As Miss Loubitree emerges from her adventure, floating out of the door, she dazzles with charms, products, ribbons and gifts. The perfect invitation to begin your very own Christmas adventure.

Christian Louboutin products outside the Galerie Vero Dodat in Paris

Social Campaign

Over 150 individual assets were delivered to send this striking and imaginative campaign into the world, enough to cover a multitude of touchpoints and channels to reach as many Christian Louboutin fans and shoppers as possible.